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Mon 14 - Fri 18 November 2022 Singapore

Dear ESEC/FSE 2022 Speakers,

First of all, thank you for preparing your presentations for ESEC/FSE 2022 and the co-located events. We are looking forward to an exciting conference. This page provides some first information about the presentations. More information will be added throughout the next few days.

Speaker Information Form

Please make sure to submit your speaker information until Sunday, October 16, by using the following form: https://forms.gle/XVJmyEHu2HGw3KTS6.

Virtual Platform

ESEC/FSE 2022 uses Whova as virtual platform to support the in-person conference as well as to enable virtual participation. For each accepted paper and presentation, we request a pre-recorded video, which we will make available in the session agenda of Whova. Therefore, all participants can access the videos before, during, and after the conference. Whova provides a persistent chat and Q&A feature so that discussions can be handled online in addition to the live Q&A session at the conference. Each session in Whova will use a Zoom session under its hood, i.e., the handling of the live stream and screen sharing, etc., should feel familiar for most of us.

We recommend for all online participants to use Whova by using the Google Chrome browser or alternatively by using the Whova app. For speakers and session chairs, we recommend using the native Zoom app and having the Q&A open in a separate window.

Whova User Guides:

Presenting at the Conference

All presentations at the main conference will be live and in-person. To minimize the risk of technical difficulties with our hybrid setup during the sessions, we strongly recommend that speakers do not use their own devices but instead provide us with the slides. We can make them available on the local PC at the venue (check the Google Form above). If speakers want to use their own devices, we must ask them to join the online Whova session during their presentation and share their screen/slides so that online participants can also see the presenter’s slides. We will offer rehearsal sessions in the week before the conference so that speakers can test the screen sharing etc.

Video Preparations

Please upload your video by Sunday, October 16 and make the URL available to us via the form mentioned above. Please find below some recommendations:

  • The preferred resolution for the videos is 1080p (1920×1080 px).
  • Suggested tools for recording videos are Quicktime Player, Zoom, OBS, and Powerpoint.
  • Recommended platforms for uploading the video: Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SlidesLive

We did not establish any templates for pre-recorded presentations; you are free to record in whatever way you prefer, provided that you respect the time limits allocated for each talk type (described below). For co-located events and workshops, please follow their separate requirements.

Presentation Times for the Main Conference

Talk type        Presentation  Total Time
================ ============= ==========  
Research                11 min    15 mins
Industry                11 min    15 mins
IVR                     11 min    15 mins
FSE2020 & 2021          11 min    15 mins
Journal First           11 min    15 mins
Demonstrations           5 min     7 mins

Please let us know if you have any additional questions: fse22@comp.nus.edu.sg