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Mon 14 - Fri 18 November 2022 Singapore

Commercial Android packers have been widely used by developers as a way to protect their apps from being tampered with. However, app packer is usually provided as an online service developed by security vendors, and the packed apps are well protected. It is thus hard to know what exactly is packed in the app, and few existing studies in the community have systematically analyzed the behaviors of commercial app packers. In this paper, we propose PackDiff, a dynamic analysis system to inspect the fine-grained behaviors of commercial packers. By instrumenting the Android system, PackDiff records the runtime behaviors of Android apps (e.g., Linux system call invocations, Java API calls, Binder interactions, etc.), which are further processed to pinpoint the additional sensitive behaviors introduced by packers. By applying PackDiff to roughly 200 apps protected by seven commercial packers, we observe the disappointing facts of existing commercial packers. Most app packers have introduced unnecessary behaviors (e.g., accessing sensitive data), serious performance and compatibility issues, and they can even be abused to create evasive malware and repackaged apps, which contradicts with their design purposes.