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Mon 14 - Fri 18 November 2022 Singapore

Autonomous Driving Systems (ADSs) are safety-critical systems, and safety violations of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) in real traffic will cause huge losses. Therefore, ADSs must be fully tested before deployed on real world roads. Simulation testing is essential to find safety violations of ADS. This paper proposes MOSAT, a multi-objective search-based testing framework, which constructs diverse and adversarial driving environment to expose safety violations of ADSs. Specifically, based on atomic driving maneuvers, MOSAT introduces \textit{motif pattern}, which describes a sequence of maneuvers that can challenge ADS effectively. MOSAT constructs test scenarios by atomic maneuvers and motif patterns, and uses multi-objective genetic algorithm to search for adversarial and diverse test scenarios. Moreover, in order to test the performance of ADS comprehensively during long-mile driving, we design a novel continuous simulation testing technique, which runs the scenarios generated by multiple parallel search processes alternately in the simulator and can continuously create different perturbations to ADS. We demonstrate MOSAT on an industrial-grade platform, Baidu Apollo, and the experimental results show that MOSAT can effectively generate safety-critical scenarios to crash ADSs and it exposes 11 distinct types of safety violations in a short period of time. It also outperforms state-of-the-art techniques by finding more 6 distinct safety violations on the same road.